A SharePoint developer must have basic knowledge of the platform to succeed in the development

An aspiring SharePoint developer should keep in mind that before proceeding, he or she must have basic knowledge of the platform before proceeding. SharePoint requires good platform comprehension. A developer should know that being a developer of the platform is not possible without ASP.NET skills. An effective developer must have knowledge on how to develop user control, server control, knows how to debug an ASP.NET application, understand the purpose and structure of web configuration, knowledge on http modules and do basic .NET stuff like a good HTML knowledge and data binding. When you have gained knowledge in the space, you must also have sound knowledge of SharePoint customization through a web browser. It is recommended that a developer gets the base knowledge of the platform. This way, there would be no further issues when it comes to developing SharePoint solutions and it also helps streamline the entire process of development. Click Here


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